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Name:Leon Orcot
Birthdate:Sep 10
Cake ain't, as far as I'm aware, an approved method of interrogation, but it damn well WORKS.

Ahem. This is a roleplaying journal for police officcer Leon Orcot from the manga Petshop of Horrors. It will be responsible for a lot of derpness and general rudeness, and for this, I apologize.

Sometimes played in Bound To You-verse, so you might meet a version of him who is... er, immortal and part of the petshop? Just. roll with it?

Sometimes played in TML-verse, where he is LeannĂ¡n Aitken, known to most people as Leon and sometimes also hiding behind the fake name Orcot, because being from Alba can be deeply unhealthy in some of the circles he moves in. In this verse he is Siobhan's good-for-nothing vagabond brother, with a flair for electrics and an almost McGyverish talent of making the most ordinary things go boom at will. He also doesn't have the same respect for the law as his earth counterpart, and has been known to take it into his own hands against people who are a lot more mean and powerful than him.

Mun and muse are over 18.
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